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ALA and ARL Submit Letter to President on Future Appointments

On April 2, 2009, members of the Library Copyright Alliance joined public interest groups, library associations, and trade associations to urge President Obama to increase the balance in appointments to intellectual property policy positions and to create offices devoted to promoting innovation and free expression within the relevant agencies.

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LCA Submits Reply on Exemptions to DMCA Section 1201

On February 2, 2009, the LCA and Music Library Association submitted comments in support of the renewal and modest broadening of the existing exemption for film clip compilations in two related ways: works included in any college or library, and works used in classrooms by instructors in all subjects.

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LCA Creates A Pro-Library Copyright Agenda

In December 2008, the Library Copyright Alliance released a set of agenda items focused on the goals of LCA in regard to copyright issues that have a significant effect on the services libraries provide to their users, as well as fostering global access to information for creative, research, and educational uses.

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